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with all my being

~Refined Faith Redefined~

Do you have everything, yet your soul feels empty?  Nothing more than nothingness inside.  Do you tiptoe the line of faith and to your very depths, know there has to be more?  Are you burnt out on searching for truth in an age where truth seems so hard to find?

This is the space for you.  

A place to find what fills you and refine what ails you.  To connect in a way that seems unattainable.  A place to redefine your perception of who God is and what His word has for you. 

Life is best lived when it is aligned with scripture.  The Bible is fascinating and true.  Our one source of truth in this confusing world.  Our moral code through generations.  What moral compass do you live by if not the Bible?  What guides you in the decisions you make?  How do you know if those decisions are right and true?

The lessons learned through people's lives recorded in the Bible are still relevant today. You can learn from their failures and how to thrive while we live life on this earth.  

A life aligned with scripture is a life lived in relationship with God.  You can't experience the full benefit of one, without the compliment of the other.  A life aligned with scripture is not the occasional church on Sundays kind of faith. It's a faith that shapes every decision you make, because you ALWAYS have someone with you guiding you through. 

God always has our best interest at heart, even when life gets hard, even when things don't make sense, even when life doesn't look like you think it should.  His plan is always what is best for us, even if we don't understand it at the time.  In time you will see, in relationship you will understand.

So how do we live a life aligned with scripture?  How do we form a relationship with God?  

-Through digging into our Bibles

-Through finding ways that you personally connect with God

-Through prayer

-Through changes in our heart

God's word is real and raw.  It is relevant.  It is reliable.  Most importantly, God's word is relational and He desires to connect with you through the words on His heart.

A life lived in scripture is full.  It is complete.  It is undeniably different than doing life on your own.  Life lived in His word is a beautiful life.

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Ashley Vruwink

"The world is full of beauty and wonder.  The depth of that beauty is only fully realized when you know the one behind it all.  The beauty of the world takes on a whole new light when a relationship begins with the one who created you."