A Little About Me

I am an outgoing introvert. I love my husband's laugh, snuggles with my girls, sunrises, a perfect cup of coffee, the hard sweat during a workout, pontoon days on the lake, my small group, getting pampered, impromptu date nights, snowfalls that shimmer like diamonds, any song with a cello, how marriage just gets better with time, lifelong girlfriends, savasana, reading at a coffee shop, my parent's example, my simple but crazy country life. And of course and most importantly, the Bible and my Jesus.

I was born and raised in central Wisconsin where I live with my husband and three girls.  As a hair stylist, I am more used to listening to other people rather than talking about myself.  I have owned a small salon and spa for the past six years.  Over those years, my coworkers and clients have become one big extended family.  It has been through my work that I have gained the love to serve and to make things beautiful in all facets.  

Yes, I perform services everyday, but that is not true service.  God has given me the talent and ability to make things beautiful.  Although I love to apply those gifts to someone's hair or nails, or the decor of a room, my truest passion comes down to the beauty within.  The makeover of one's soul.  Although writing was never on my intended career path, I have learned when God nudges I just go with it!  And so began The Beautiful Soul Blog and my journey as a Christian blogger and writer.  So here we are!  Thank you for joining me and growing with me in faith and life!


In the end, our hair will grey, our skin will wrinkle, and that shiplap will go out of style, but the changes we make on the inside are eternal.  My true service comes with fulfilling a deeper need to make lives beautiful by forming a connection with Jesus.  For that is the only change we can make that will last forever.



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