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Holding Books

Resourcing you to renew your soul

Hi from my little corner...

I see you, your withdrawn eyes and weary soul have brought you to this unexpected and maybe undesired place. Your searching led you here. Maybe just for a few moments and you just don't know why. I'm with you. In the searching in the wondering, in the path of discovering why the world spins in the way it does and why my wayfaring soul just can't seem to find that little place of peace.

Or can it? I just may think so. And I just may think I know a little way. You see the path of peace was to this place of grace I never imagined could be. This way of searching through all of my hurting brought me on this little journey of joy. One that I never imagined would turn out this way. But a way I could only dream. Because you see, nightmares are dreams too, and when you realize the recurring ones are maybe of your own making, you no longer want to stay in that place anymore. 

I promise this grace has a place for you too. And I am humbled and pleased you have found my little place. Of wisdom and words of both mine and others who are much wiser with words than I will ever dream to be. So welcome to my little corner in the country where I seek to keep on searching for more joy on this journey. I hope my desert wandering and continued path of questioning will bring a few answers to your soul for once too. 

Maybe stay for a while, I'm Ashley. It's so very nice to meet you.


In a world where beauty sometimes only seems to be on the surface, let's dig deeper together to find the hidden gems and moments of miracles that are everywhere if you so choose to see. Let's look to the words of others and the Word to see what hidden treasures and refined carbon are to be found.

I would love to get to know you!

I am truly so glad you are here!  Send me a little note about you!  I am so glad we can be on this journey together of finding beauty in the many and messy moments of life. If you would like to subscribe to receive tips and encouragement, please fill out the subscribe form at the bottom of the page or create an account under the main menu.

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