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Who Are You Following?

Who Are You Following... the title alone captures our attention. If we are sincere, could we say Jesus is Who we follow most hard after? Or do we get distracted by all of the temptations social media brings?

When I picked Who Are You Following by Sadie Robertson Huff, I knew it would be a good book. What I didn't realize is how convicted I would feel from the wisdom in her words. Sadie writes with such a sweet boldness and insight far beyond her years. Have you ever said, "I wish I knew then what I know now?" I know I have. Sadie reminds me of this saying because she does know it. Her roots are firmly planted in God's Word and His truth. She lives His Word and breathes His Word.

I believe Sadie is more than just an example for the younger generation; women of all ages can learn from her solid foundation. She doesn't pretend to be perfect and has still faced heartache, but to see an example of someone who is so strongly rooted in the love of God for her whole life is refreshing. I know I think back to all of the stupid things I have done and the heartache I brought on myself because I was trying to do everything my own way. I wouldn't change anything because it has shaped who I am today and taught me I couldn't live this life without the love of God and His wisdom to guide me.

What I would like to change is the future for the next generation. If we can reach their hearts, so they know you don't have to take the roller-coaster path to "get" the happy life you dream of. You don't have to do all the stupid things and make all of the hard mistakes to figure out life. There is a better way and the only way to true happiness on this earth and beyond.

Our next generation needs Sadie's example and so do we. To see a vibrant young woman who knows who she is because of Who's she is brings me hope and excitement for my girls and beyond. We can't avoid social media, and quite honestly, we shouldn't! What would it look like if every Christian deleted Facebook or Instagram? Would there be any good news shared? It can be ugly now; imagine it without the positivity of people sharing the good news Jesus has to offer.

Remember Jesus ate with the tax collectors and sinners. "When Jesus heard this, he told them, 'It is not those who are well who need a doctor, but those who are sick. I didn’t come to call the righteous, but sinners.' "Mark 2:17. We need to be in the dark places to bring light to this world, to bring hope where people might not expect it. Sadie writes of the importance of being firmly rooted in God's Word. When we are, we can discern the unhealthy parts of social media and scroll on past instead of being sucked into the negativity.

Sadie also wrote Who Are You Following? Guided Journal to take the words of her book into application mode. Sadie challenges us in the Guided Journal to dig deep, to figure out the why behind the feelings of anxiety, insecurity, comparison, jealousy, and perfectionism. She brings the reality to light that not everyone knows there is a better way. What we think of as "normal" is in fact, not normal at all.

"The things you are walking through may be typical, but they are not normal. Slowly, subtly, and in line with droves of others, we have allowed the world to shape so many facets of our lives and behaviors without stopping to realize how not normal any of them are. In some cases, we've shackled ourselves to ideals and influences and these very typical lives we don't actually like. We seek and follow things that drain us instead of filling us."

In this social media-obsessed world, we can fight against it, get sucked into it, or just maybe we can place healthy boundaries to use it to make a difference in this broken world. We have the choice. Life is what we make it, and so is social media. I highly recommend Who Are You Following to not only shed light on the negative parts of social media but to help us become firmly planted in God's truth and open our eyes to see where our heart really is. The Who Are You Following Guided Journal is an answer to those who need encouragement in knowing there is a better way.

After all, I can't think of one person I know (besides my grandpa) that is not on at least one platform of social media. If social media has ever left you feeling drained, this book is for you. If the life you are chasing after has left you exhausted, this book is for you. There may be plenty of heartache and chaos in this social media-driven world, but hope can be found if you want to see it. Start here and learn from the wisdom of Sadie's words in Who Are You Following and Who Are You Following Guided Journal.

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