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Wednesdays's In The Word

Need a little encouragement in the middle of your week? Start your Wednesday's off right! Renew your spirit and refresh your soul.

Steadfast...firmly fixed in place, immovable, unwavering, loyal, firm in belief. Which word would you use to define steadfast? Maybe the better question is does the word steadfast define you? When the events of the world or events of your life seem like something that only happens in a horror movie, does your faith waver?

Now is not the time to waiver. We must remain strong and determined no matter what trial comes our way. The world seems to be falling apart all around us, but that does not change the fact that we are still blessed. Blessed because we are loyal to a loving God who does not want to leave even one without a chance to know Him. Blessed because we have the power of the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead living inside all who are faithful to Him. That very same Holy Spirit is here to give you unwavering strength when you don't have enough of your own, peace when your mind is disturbed beyond calming, and the power to hold on through it all.

Cling to God's promises. Tap into the power the Holy Spirit has ready and available to all who believe. Don't succumb to the pressure from the evil one. Remain in the Lord and He will remain in you. For the crown we will receive is far better than anything we could ever imagine here on this earth. Remain steadfast to someday be in the perfect presence of Jesus, in the perfect place He has prepared for you and for me.

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