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Wednesday's In The Word

Need a little encouragement in the middle of your week? Start your Wednesday's off right, renew your spirit and refresh your soul.

In a world where change seems to happen faster than a Wisconsin summer, we can be encouraged by one constant. The promises God makes are unchanging and are trustworthy. He does not evolve with time. What once was is, and always will be. We can be anchored securely in his steadiness. I for one, am grounded by the fact I get to rely on someone who is greater than me. I get to hand over my decisions, my concerns, my irritations, my control. Freedom comes with the release of what is out of our hands to begin with. Thank you Jesus for bringing the accessibility to all. Because of Jesus, we don't need a temple, we don't need a priest. He is our high priest who gives us never-ending access to our God who wants us to be close all of the time.

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