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Wednesday's In The Word

Need a little encouragement in the middle of your week? Start your Wednesday's off right! Renew your spirit and refresh your soul.

Some days life just drags us down. And some days we may think "I just can't handle one more thing going wrong." Then on the really hard days when the suffering is both mental and physical, how do we press on?

We were never guaranteed life would be easy. In fact, Jesus tells us in this world we will have troubles (John 16:33). Sometimes troubles mean downright suffering. Not one person on Earth will be exempt from that. We have the option to choose if we face our sufferings on our own strength, or with God by our side to walk us through. And if we choose to allow God to walk with us, we can tap into the strength, the power, and the peace that only He provides.

But on the days where the suffering seems all consuming; the days where even the the strength of God can't mask the pain, we can cling to the promise that Paul tells us about. Someday we will be in the actual presence of God and the reward will be so much greater than we can comprehend. Someday, all will be made right and the sufferings of this current world will no longer exist. Someday all this pain will be worth it and seem so minimal compared to the glory that we will get to experience.

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