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Wednesday's In The Word

Need a little encouragement in the middle of your week? Start your Wednesday's off right! Renew your spirit and refresh your soul.

Do you ever over-think about things? Do you contemplate in your head the different ways you will have this conversation or talk through that situation? What about when it comes to a moment when the opportunity comes to share your faith? Sometimes we shy away because we think "I just don't know enough."

Do you believe the very spirit of God is living in you? What a powerful thought. What a powerful spirit. Do we trust the Holy Spirit enough to let Him guide us in our thoughts and then communicate our words? If we truly believe we have the powerful spirit of God in us, we can trust He will guide us in the moment and give us the right words to say. Tap into that power. After all, if His spirit could raise Jesus from the dead, I think we can count on that very same spirit to give us just the right words to say. So next time an opportunity comes and you don't know quite what to say, ask the holy spirit for the right words. Trust if He came through for Jesus in the right moment, the Holy Spirit will come through for you too. He is meant to be our helper after all.

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