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The Image Battle

Who decides what image we are supposed to live up to? There is a definitive difference between the standards of the world and what the Bible tells us.

We are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27) There is no coincidence He tells us this from the very beginning. You would think there would be less confusion knowing this, but we are human. It's no wonder we have to try and keep up to figure this one out on our own. If we are made in His image, we must have some of the good characteristics to fight the parts of us that strive to keep up with the Jones's.

Don't let society decide what appearance we should fit into. Samuel would have passed over David to be the next king if he would have taken into consideration the worldly vision of what a king looks like.

Outward appearance is not really what matters. When we judge people by their outward characteristics, we may miss the good stuff on the inside. What we look like bears no weight to what we are really like. Ever heard don't judge a book by it's cover?

Only God can see what is really on the inside. If we put more focus on what is on the outside, we lose sight of our inner-self. That may sound funny coming from someone who makes people "look good" for a living. If being a hair stylist only focused on appearances, I would not have lasted 18 years. I didn't connect with people because of what they look like. I'm drawn to their heart.

I'm sure we can all think of someone who is so stunningly beautiful on the outside, but they are a terrible, miserable, no good person. Would it be worth it to make our image an idol and lose all sense of compassion and quality? What happens when that beauty fades? What will they be left with?

Self-care is important, but inner-self care is what really matters. Our inner-self is eternal. Our time is better spent focusing on keeping our heart looking good than our appearance. Don't let the world define if your image is up to it's standards. God sees into the innermost parts of your heart. Let Him be the judge of who you really are.

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