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Misconception #7: Church Is A Building

Over the past few years I have had the privilege to be a part of a really special outreach program. We get to plan events for the special needs community to connect with them and show them love and have some fun together. We have held proms and game nights and other fun events. We get to connect with amazing people with special needs and share some love and a little Jesus too. We have held the events at different locations, but where is not important. What matters is the people who plan and work and have a heart to serve to make every event as spectacular as possible for our guests.

When we talk about church, we really are talking about who, not what. Sure church can be made up of a building that we go to, but it is more about the people that fill it. Can a building feed the hungry or take care of widows and orphans? No, it's people do.

The church and the church goer are one in the same. If we see them separately, we are not connected to the values we are supposed to uphold as the body of Christ.

People of the church are citizens of His kingdom and members of His household. His spirit lives in us and is what guides us to live as an example of Jesus and the apostles. The apostles were to spread the message of Jesus, both in word and deed. We as the church are to follow their initial example today.

So how can we be more than just a building? One of our greatest commandments is to love one another. Be the church by being an example. Pay for someone's coffee in the drive through, send a friendly text to someone who has been on your mind, volunteer at a soup kitchen, donate things you don't need anymore to someone you know that could use a little help. The options really are endless and more rewarding than you realize.

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