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Jesus is the Only Way

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Why is it important to refine our faith? Perhaps a better place to start is this:

~What does your faith mean to you?

~Why is faith important in your life?

~Who is God to you?

~Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?

If you don't have answers to all of these questions, that is okay. My hope is to lead you in recognizing Truth by not only knowing Scripture but living it out every single day. Our faith and hope is strengthened when we are grounded in the Word of God. Let's build a solid foundation together that is strengthened through the refining process.

One of the most magnificent yet mysterious pieces of God is that He is three-in-one. The Trinity consists of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each piece of the Trinity though the same, have distinct qualities and still act in unity.

To know God, you must know Jesus. They are one and the same. Philip asks in verse 8 of John, "Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us." Jesus answers him by saying:

"Don't you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, 'Show us the Father'? Don't you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you I do not speak on my own authority. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work. Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me, or at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves." John 14:9-11

Jesus explains to Philip he doesn't need to look any further to see God. He was right in front of him, and if he needed more proof, it was in the miraculous works Jesus performed that Philip witnessed. Even though the definition of faith is to believe without seeing, sometimes we need more.

Jesus is our more. Our living, breathing, tangible proof that God exists and is, in fact, one in the same. To know God, you must also both acknowledge and know Jesus.

The beauty of God is what He has to offer not only here on this earth but also eternally. We are promised by Him a permanent and everlasting home with Him in heaven. But there is only one way there, and Jesus makes this very clear. The only way to God the Father for eternity in heaven is through belief in Jesus Christ. The red-lettered words of Jesus are clear, "no one comes to the Father except through me."

Jesus is the only way. To deny Him, we would be denying God Himself since they are one in the same. He is the only way. He is the only truth that we can count on. He offers a better life, more full and abundant than anything fleeting this world has to offer.

Do you accept that Jesus is the only way to eternal life with God in heaven?

*Refined definitions sourced from Oxford languages

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1 opmerking

Such a wonderful well composed piece of information really goes well with what we are going over right now in church.

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