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How Do They Do It

As you may know I love books! I have been given the privilege of writing book reviews for new releases in the Christian genre. How exciting, I get to do two of my favorite things together, read and write about it!!

If you have spent any time reading Christian books or have done a Bible study, you are probably no strangers to the Evans family. Dr. Tony Evans, Chrystal Evans Hurst, Priscilla Shirer, Anthony Evans, and Jonathan Evans all have been gifted talents from writing to speaking to music and preaching. Their Biblical knowledge and gifts to share it have reached many people and touched many lives through generations and throughout the world. How does a family so dedicated to the Lord deal with such devastating loss over and over again?

Life is hard even in the day to day. The simple things like school drop offs and balancing work can be a lot. What happens when life gives you so much hurt, one tragic loss after another. How do you cope?

I barely turned the first page before tears streamed down my cheek. I could feel the devastation the Evans family was going through. To be quite honest, their beloved cousin hit a little too close to home. She sounded all to similar to me. Wynter was a young 38-year-old mother of girls who was passionate about writing and ministering to young women. She was a faithful servant who God called home all too soon. Wynter's story brought me to the realization that my story could end just like hers...all too soon.

The Evan's family is a pillar in the Christian community. Each member is a true example of disciples loving and living a life all for Jesus and His kingdom. Even as dedicated servants to the Lord they are not exempt from tragedy, loss, and unending heartbreak. Loss after loss. Cancer after more cancer. Life is not easy in a normal year, let alone when you lose eight family members in two years and follow that with a pandemic.

Divine Disruption is an honest account of the strength and peace that nothing on this earth can bring. Only God alone can console hearts that hurt so so much.

Whether you are a believer in God or not, this book is an eye opener, a thought provoker, and quite possibly a perspective changer for those on the brink of belief. We will all experience the soul-wrenching anguish of losing people we love. How we deal with it and if we move forward in hope is a choice we face. Written through the heart of a family of firm believers, Divine Disruption has the great possibility to open the eyes of those who are not.

With a world so full of hurt, loss, and devastation, how do those without the hope of Jesus pick up the pieces and press forward in life? With belief comes hope that our future and the future of our faithful loved ones does not end on this earth. In fact, life on this earth is just the beginning. Divine Disruption brings this hope to life. The Evans family shows us how we move forward with hope and how we can find beauty from devastation and even grow closer to God through it all. If you have experienced tragic loss or have a loved one battling cancer or other terminal diseases, Divine Disruption is a must read. We can find comfort in the common ground of loss and the hope of heaven.

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