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By Faith Alone

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

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What would you do if someone came to you and said, "build a giant boat to save your family because there is going to be a massive flood that will destroy everything else?" Would you say, "count me in, that sounds super realistic and practical for me to do?" Or would you be a little more skeptical and tell the person they are crazy and a giant flood like that would never happen? What if that someone was God leading you to do what seems unrealistic and unattainable?

Unless your name is Noah, chances are pretty slim this scenario will ever happen to you. Maybe you are thinking "oh thank you Lord, because that whole boat thing sounded pretty crazy." What if it wasn't a boat? What if God was leading you to do something in your life that seemed totally out of your comfort zone or abilities? Would you take the leap of faith even if you don't understand or know what the outcome will be?

Noah didn't need to know the outcome, because his trust and faith were beyond any doubt that he could have had. Noah didn't question God, but instead built the boat with God's instructions in the middle of dry land. Sometimes having faith doesn't need to make sense. Would you agree that it takes much more faith to step out on a limb if the task seems nearly impossible? If the task seems impossible on your own, you will need God's supernatural power to help you accomplish whatever it may be.

Noah is not alone as an "heir of the righteousness that comes by faith". Hebrews 11 tells story after story of great believers who were lead by faith. Are you a great believer who is lead by faith? Would you step beyond reason and take the leap of faith to let the unexplainable works of God shine all for His glory? The unexplainable works seem all the more glorious when they do come to fruition. I would guess Noah was pretty glad he followed through with faith as the rain came down day after day after day.

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