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Remember God's Past Miracles

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

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When times are tough, are you able to remember God's past faithfulness? It's not so easy to remember times of fulfillment when everything seems to be going wrong. Asaph cried out to the Lord in his distress. He wondered if he would ever see the Lord's favor again (v.7). Asaph even questioned if God's love was gone forever.

Then Asaph's focus shifted. He went from thinking of his own misfortunes to God's goodness. He remembered God's miracles of the past. Not just in his own life, but miracles over centuries of time. God was faithful and came through for Israel over and over again. Asaph was comforted by memories of the past. If God came through then, his love and faithfulness can endure again.

God's faithfulness for Israel is a part of our past too. As children of God, the Israelite's history is our history too. If Asaph could find comfort in remembering all the miracles and ways God had sustained His people, we can rest in the same comfort and memories too.

Staying in a positive mindset can be hard when life is. Yet, remembering the good that God has done can propel you past the hard. If He was capable for Israel, and He was capable for Asaph, He is capable for you now and forevermore. Keeping your focus on God's faithfulness will help hinder the negative thoughts about yourself and your current misfortunes.

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